This is the DJ himself.

DJ Shivam is in the house... raise the roof!Edit

This is the main wiki for the world class DJ act Shivam Sheth... RAISE THE ROOF... Chicka chicka.

Aged 16, weighing 49lbs and measuring at 2.3m Shivam Sheth is the only DJ with 4 A Levels at distinction level. Aged only 4 Shivam got his first DJ set and created his own 'beats'. His first album "FUCK THE POLICE" went number one in 145 countries worldwide and sold over 150 million copies worldwide. His hit single "You will never be as smart as me" achieved high aclaim as it showed his intellect and DJ skills.  His music was most appreciated in Vatican City where the single reached No. 1 for 12 weeks. Now shivam runs his own line of Indian take-away restaurants named after his parents "The Suzanne-Sanjif and Sons restaurant".

He has an underwater mansion in the depths of the Indian Ocean that no one has ever entered, even him. If you find it your reward is 2000 jelly beans. His minions, who shall not be named, are plotting his death right this second but he has no idea! MWHAHAHAHA! His minions are double agents and they work for his rival DJ Garfy!

DJ Shivam is also known as HinduMan and his sidekick is CatholicBoy. They both work together to eradicate racism and any form of cultural diversity!

DJ Shivam is a player with several girls in each hand (literally!). His girlfriends are: Catwoman Barbie, Red Carpet Barbie, Divergent Barbie, Birthday Wishes Barbie, Mermaid Barbie, India Barbie, Oriental Barbie, Korean Barbie, American Indian Barbie and many more

To see the list of all of his girlfriends, visit this website

Fun fact: Despite being world famous, Shivam doesn't actually know what DJ stands for.

Famous  QuotesEdit

"DJ Shivam..raise the roof..chika chika"

"I'm gonna be sick"

"You racist git."





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